Founded: 2007 in Providence, RI USA. GENESIS is an acronym for Global Empowerment Networking for Enlightened Social Improvement and Sustainability.

Mission: The GENESIS Network, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, uses social networking to develop international human rights projects and help at-risk children and communities. Projects include building schools, economic development and orphan protection. Global volunteers and philanthropists contribute their time, energy and talents every day.

Our Guiding Principles

Ideas we use to power our projects

Social Networking: People are our greatest resource. GENESIS brings individuals, organizations and companies together to develop and collaborate on a wide range of projects.

Resource Sharing: GENESIS brings people together to meet, connect and share resources.

Local Empowerment: We enable people to better use the resources they have or are given. They in turn teach others and the cycle continues.

Sustainability: We seek long-term solutions to problems by identifying and eliminating their root causes.

Transparency: We’re always happy to see the results of our hard work. The opportunity to share them with you makes us even happier.

Our Progress

100% of your effort and financial support goes into making these projects possible.

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Meet Our Team

We're everyday humans, just like you.

Adam Swartzbaugh

Founder and Executive Director
Adam's development career ranges from disability rights policy development with USAID and the UNDP in Vietnam to tsunami disaster relief and reconstruction in Thailand. He received both his BA in International Relations and MA in Social and Economic Development from Brown University.

Davee Kongpuenphasutha

Programs Development, Outreach Coordinator, Southeast Asia
Founder of Thailand’s Kid Launch education initiative, Davee now directs the Kid Launch education support and community development program. Having extensive experience with child education, immigration and Myanmar-Thai relations, she now heads one of the most aggressive initiatives to support impoverished communities, refugee families and orphaned children in Thailand. Davee has been recognized for exemplary successes in social support and sustainable development programs in the region. She now leads efforts in northern Thailand and border regions.

Robert Moreau

Research Analyst/Outreach
Rob has a history of being active in nonprofit organizations, starting during his undergraduate years at UMass Lowell. After graduating in 2005 with a BA in Political Science with a Peace and Conflict Studies minor, Rob went back for a Master’s in Regional Economic and Social Development, receiving his degree in 2008. Rob’s academic research experience has included both community development partnership initiatives and international affairs. As a member of UMass Lowell’s award-winning International Relations Club, Rob attended conferences in Toronto, New York, Geneva, and Anaheim. Much of the reason he was initially attracted to GENESIS was its work providing education to Burmese refugees, as his friend and old IRC professor hails from that country.

Cristina Loayza

Strategic Development; Regional Coordinator, Latin America
Originally from Ecuador, Cristina has worked in multidisciplinary development fields, preparing land use maps for land conflict resolution in the Yasuni National Park in the Ecuadorian Amazon forest (2003). She has created socio-economic programs for fishermen in the Galapagos Islands and assisted environmental programs for children implemented by the Charles Darwin Research Station (2004-2007). In Brazil, Cristina has worked with energy efficiency programs implemented in slums and with revamping the creation of energy awareness programs for the low income-sector (2008).

Along with a MA degree in International Sustainable Development from Brandeis University (2009), Cristina holds a deep passion for implementing sustainable programs and working with novel development strategies.

Lauren Swartzbaugh

Outreach and Networking Director
Having worked with non-profit organizations ranging from human rights advocacy to environmental awareness and protection, Lauren has found new ways to mediate the plight of others by connecting the dots of philanthropy in support of grassroots initiatives worldwide. A professional photographer from Miami, FL, Lauren brings the Genesis cause to life using a unique combination of social networking and local empowerment. Through her work, she offers the invitation to come to know compassion and the power within us all to live with an absolute sense of purpose.

Carolyn Bubel

Outreach and Media Coordinator
Carolyn brings a source of communication and networking abilities to further GENESIS's growth. As a photography student at the Rhode Island School of Design, Carolyn's aspirations are to bridge photojournalism to the application of human rights advocacy. Carolyn began working with GENESIS in the fall of 2009 and has grown to take on more responsibility through investigative work on regional sustainability. Through research focusing on regional projects, the affect of aid on local infrastructure, and sustainability, Carolyn works to produce human rights awareness through the avenues of media outreach and design.

Susan Hardiman

Susan brings her expertise in working with software programs, project management, and her artistic talents to help serve The GENESIS Network. She has been involved in serving her community by contributing her time and artwork to many local and national charity events through her company, Adornamenti. Susan utilizes this expertise in developing the fundraising capabilities of GENESIS. She feels by empowering those less fortunate we experience goodwill and blessings that foster our humanity and the communities that we serve.


We are always seeking out creative members to add to our team

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