Operation Hydrate Haiti

Operation Hydrate Haiti – Relief for Children

In 2010, the GENESIS Network carried out a relief and development program in Western Haiti targeting children survivors of the earthquake. Partnering with AquaSafe of Australia and Olyset Net International, the GENESIS Network's Operation Hydrate Haiti provided water filtration systems, clothing, shelter and food to communities in need.

Currently, GENESIS seeks to continue providing surviving orphans in the hardest hit areas with clean water and education. 100% of donations to the Hydrate Haiti program will go to the provision of continuing relief for survivors.

The project in 2010 provided:
-Hundreds of filtration systems, with nearly 120,000 gallons of drinking water
-Hundreds of pounds of first aid supplies and medical equipment
-Clothing and tents

Locations visited by GENESIS in a recent trip were a nunnery in Port-au-Prince, a school in Carrefour, and multiple orphanages in Leogane.