Youth and Women Empowerment: Ghana

Center for Youth and Women Empowerment – Ghana

An innovative approach to the education hurtles faced by women in children in the impoverished regions of Ghana, West Africa. Through the provision of educational materials, the center strives to supplement local grassroots efforts by giving every person an opportunity to receive an education.

In an area where the average income per day remains well below one dollar, empowering all people to reach their fullest potential through education is the key to both social and economic development.

There has been a high incidence of school drop-outs in the West Mamprusi, the Northern District of Gahna. The key factors that account for the high drop-out rates are many and remain varied, but are often interconnected. The center seeks to address these challenges and provide new opportunities for those most in need.

Primary Objectives:
• To reduce school drop-out in the community resulting from a lack of educational materials.
• Promote female adolescent education in the district
• Support parents' efforts to educate their children
• Bring much needed support to the most vulnerable children in the area - principally orphans who have dropped out of school due to the loss of their parents
• To help meet international millennium development goals on education.