hear what people are saying about genesis

"The GENESIS Network is a fine example of social entrepreneurship in action. Through its educational and human rights programs you are able to make a social change in the lives of individuals and families. Its ability to further social goals through community development and support, grassroots leadership development, job skills training, child protection and awareness of children’s rights is impressive and far reaching. The GENESIS network is a safety net, and a tool for empowerment for so many who are in need of its services." - Kati Machtley, Director, The Women's Summit

"The GENESIS Network effectively targets and provides solutions to some of the most pressing human rights and social development issues we face today, both at home and abroad. Focusing on local sustainability and social empowerment, the Network provides tools that enable communities to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. I am proud to support them."
-Peter Drekmeier, Mayor, Palo Alto, CA USA

"What a difference we have made in such a short amount of time – with the support of GENESIS we have provided schools to nearly 300 kids this year alone. It is wonderful to see those who truly care about children doing what it takes to give them the support they need."
-Davee Kongpuenphasutha, Project Manager, Thailand

"Thank you for being our friends! Now we have a school and can learn all the important life-things and be happy. I will learn to work at a zoo and teach my little sister art!"
-Pho Mu, Beneficiary, Burmese Refugee Child – Student in our new school for at-risk children

"Thank you so much for helping our children in this time of need. You were the first to come to our aid. We thought nobody would be there for us."
- Augustin Recardo, Lamb Center Orphanage, Haiti

"It's a pleasure to finally work with a program that directly helps and empowers people in need, to see the results of one's efforts and truly feel like I have made a difference in the world – if even only for a few children."
-Allen Brenin, Volunteer, England

"I have often felt a sense of helplessness and regret in the face of dire need. Working with the GENESIS Network, I am now always thinking, "Well, I can do this, and it is making a difference."
-Eunice Kim, GENESIS Development Team, Rhode Island, USA

"Thank you so much for this opportunity. I finally feel like I have had the chance to help and have
really done so! 谢谢"
-Xun Li, Volunteer, Shanghai, China

"I've never painted before this!"
-Sun Mu, Orphaned Child, Thailand – Recipient of art and education supplies.

"It's great to know with the utmost confidence that your support is going exactly to the place you intended. Before GENESIS I was hesitant to contribute to charities for fear of misuse, but when you can see how every dollar translates directly into schools built and children protected, all doubts disappear. What a pleasure to be a part of this movement."
-Faith Thompson, Supporter, Colorado, USA